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not just mental health first aid training

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a training course that teaches people how to identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. Mental Health First Aid won't teach you to be a therapist but it will teach you to listen, reassure and respond.  Supporting in a crisis and even potentially stop a crisis from happening. 

Training with us automatically gives you access to other Mental Health First Aiders in the Recruitment Industry, giving you a community of support, encouragement and information to help improve wellbeing in your workplace.

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An Introduction to Mental Health at work.

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Knowing it's not a badge of honour.

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It's easier than you think!

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Managing people and  Mental Health the right way.


A look at embedding resilience into your business.

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How every day habits impact your Mental Health.

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The relationship between gut health and Mental Health.

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Because they do all link together.

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good reads

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How To Become a Mental Health Leader in the Workplace

by James Fairview

How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace will stimulate and challenge you. It provides information, insights, and opinions that will help you to become a mental health leader within your workplace. The book also sets out a 10-point action plan, aimed at national policy-level, to bring about a seismic change in workplace mental health.

Emotional Fitness by Clare Davis

We all have our ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ in life, reacting to events emotionally. This book outlines 26 easy ways to improve your emotional fitness, with plenty of practical activities to help you put the theory into practice. We should work on our emotional fitness on a daily basis, learning to manage them. Using preventative measures will enable you to manage your emotions before you get to the stage of not coping.

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Mental Health And Wellbeing In The Workplace by Gill Hasson & Donna Butler

This comprehensive book addresses the range of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing in work environments – providing all involved with informative and practical assistance. The authors examine changing workplace environment for improved wellbeing, shifting employer and employee attitudes on mental health, possible solutions to current and future challenges and more.

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