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Mental Health At Work 

A suitable for all introduction to Mental Health in the Workplace.

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Managing Mental Health At Work 

How do we really manage the Mental Health of our people in the Workplace

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Mindset, Attitude & Mental Health

The role your mindset and attitude and quality of thinking has on your Mental Health.

PS Rhonda: Meet the Team
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Rhonda D'Ambrosio

Speaker & Instructor

Rhonda is an accredited recruitment professional and qualified performance coach who started her career in the industry in 1997. In 2013 she diversified her own technical recruitment company to focus on working with Recruitment Business Leaders & teams, improving quality of thought for better Mindset, mental health and subsequently, individual and company performance.  Her passion and commitment to improving Mental Health in the recruitment workplace led her to create Mental Health In Recruitment.

PS Rhonda: Meet the Team

Regardless of whatever emotion you're feeling, you still have the power to choose how you respond and behave

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