Why Workplace Wellbeing Really Matters

Having worked in the recruitment industry for 15 years, and across 3 different countries, I have made some great friends and had some amazing mentors. I love the work that I do, and still, get such a sense of achievement when I find the right talent for a client. But my career has not all been smooth sailing - I have been on a steep learning curve at times! I have watched colleagues of mine excel and fail as quickly as a roll of the dice. And the pressure can be intense, some

Getting It Right, Right Now

The last few weeks have been a bit of blur. I’ve never been busier. I’ve never had so many people want to talk to me about mental health in the workplace or wellbeing outside of Mental Health Awareness week. I’ve been talking to businesses about mental health and the importance of quality of thinking since 2014. I can’t lie – at times it’s been a hard sell. If I tell a business owner, I can improve individual performance, outputs, sales and subsequently revenue generation I g

Sink or Swim: How the White Star Line’s Most Famous Ship Can Help You and Your Teams

Some years ago, I was chatting with my sister trying to explain how I work with people on their quality of thinking and why I felt it was so important. Sitting at my kitchen table and looking for a simple analogy that would be easy to grasp, I ended up talking her through what would soon become 'Titanic Thinking' I would like to think that the RMS Titanic doesn’t need an introduction; I haven’t met anyone yet who wasn't familiar with her ill-fated maiden voyage in 1912. The s

Is Helping People Really Work? My Life After Mida Technologies - updated from the 2017 article

Six years ago this week, I said goodbye to one of my most meaningful business relationships and my long career as an “on the tools” Recruiter and Recruitment Business Owner. It was an amicable “work divorce” when Deb and I parted and I am incredibly fortunate that she continues to be one of my very best friends and confidantes after 12 years of working together and 7 years in business together. Deborah took our E-Commerce business and continues to go from strength to strength

Caring for People Costs Nothing

As soon as some people put on their work clothes every morning, it is as if the door to their emotions slams firmly shut. Numbers, profit, strategy, logic – they believe that if it makes “sense”, then it must be the answer. If you allow your emotions to cloud the issue, this will never lead to the optimal result. Emotions cannot be trusted in the workplace, and they expend far too much time and energy. I use the phrase “some people” with caution. It is dangerous to make sweep

When Leaders Blow Up: The Amygdala Hijack

Most of us have had days when suddenly the boss totally loses their cool and reacts disproportionately and irrationally to something that otherwise would not have bothered them. They have a complete meltdown in the middle of the office and have to be led gently away to cool down for a while. There is a perfectly rational explanation: their prefrontal cortex (the logical bit of their brain) might be being hijacked by their Amygdala (the bit that governs split-second emotional