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Caring for People Costs Nothing

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

As soon as some people put on their work clothes every morning, it is as if the door to their emotions slams firmly shut. Numbers, profit, strategy, logic – they believe that if it makes “sense”, then it must be the answer. If you allow your emotions to cloud the issue, this will never lead to the optimal result. Emotions cannot be trusted in the workplace, and they expend far too much time and energy.

I use the phrase “some people” with caution. It is dangerous to make sweeping generalisations in this case, but I would like to assert that I think that we could all care a little bit more about others at work. The bottom line wouldn’t suffer if we were all to care just that little bit more.

This is especially important in the HR industries. We touch people’s lives every day, and it is our duty of care to ensure that we engage with them as humans rather than assets or liabilities.

You are not forwarding a CV to a hiring manager; you are forwarding a person, together with their hopes and dreams. If someone becomes pregnant, they do not become persona-non-grata in terms of succession planning. If someone has personal issues, maybe you could take the time to solve them rather than label them difficult and consign them to the sidelines? If you are struggling to give people the individual attention that they deserve, maybe you should be working with fewer people?

There are lots of other examples, but this all boils d