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Is Helping People Really Work? My Life After Mida Technologies - updated from the 2017 article

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Six years ago this week, I said goodbye to one of my most meaningful business relationships and my long career as an “on the tools” Recruiter and Recruitment Business Owner. 

It was an amicable “work divorce” when Deb and I parted and I am incredibly fortunate that she continues to be one of my very best friends and confidantes after 12 years of working together and 7 years in business together. Deborah took our E-Commerce business and continues to go from strength to strength working with her husband in an incredibly challenging space utilising the widely regarded service skills she came to be known for in the corporate world. I’ve yet to meet anyone else who can live up to her well deserved reputation when it comes to delivery.

So what have I been doing in the last 6 years and how is it relevant to Mental Health Awareness week? 

Many of you know that when it came to Technical Recruitment - we were different to our peers. If I had to summarise how we were different it would come down to our deep understanding of people, what they wanted and why they wanted it. We didn’t just CV shift, or skills match or use competency base and behavioural interview techniques. We combined every element of our toolkit and pulled it together with deep values based questioning that helped us understand behaviour as opposed to merely assessing it. We didn’t just reserve that for our candidates either. We worked incredibly hard to understand our clients to ensure that all our partnerships were mutually valuable. We didn’t always get it right and in those instances we learned more essential lessons around human behaviour when it came to career based decisions.