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I'm Gonna Be Okay

Having just celebrated her 23rd year in the Industry Lysha Holmes has experienced many highs and lows.  When it comes to her mental health, however, it’s the focus on the job and running her own successful Rec2Rec that’s kept her afloat and grounded when life around her has become chaos. Mental Health management wasn’t a thing for Lysha until she hit her 40’s.  When her husband and partner of 17 years and father of her 2 daughters came out and told her he was gay, her world fell apart.

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Listening To Your Body

An experienced and high performing technical recruiter Michelle Flynn was money motivated and fiercely driven. She never would have considered herself stressed, it wasn't a word that she knew.  She was someone who was the epitome of success and did whatever it took to get the job done.  It wasn't until she collapsed with a suspected heart attack and needed emergency medical attention that she knew something wasn't quite right.   max.  He wasn't always this way.  In 2005, his baby son TJ, passed away.  It was an indescribable loss and a life-changing moment for James and his wife.

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Living Life To The Full

James Osborne is known in the recruitment industry as the Co-Founder of The Recruitment Network, he is also widely known for his relentless energy, eternal optimism and a genuine desire to help people. James is one of these people that consciously lives life to the max.  He wasn't always this way.  In 2005, his baby son TJ, passed away.  It was an indescribable loss and a life-changing moment for James and his wife.

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My Superpower

Chris Stringer is the Owner of That Recruitment Company and has worked in the industry since 2006. He has suffered from Anxiety for as long as he can remember and accepts it as a part of who he is and how he's wired. In this episode, we discuss the reality of the condition as well as the impact on people around you.  This is an honest conversation with someone that tries to make a difference whilst understanding that they are not always the easiest person to be around.

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Speaking Out & Speaking Openly

Chris Hart spent 30 years keeping everything inside. The life and soul of a good night out, he was the highly sociable friend that went out of his way to talk to and support others when they were struggling. Having suffered from intense social anxiety throughout childhood, nobody would have guessed that behind the carefully placed mask Chris had created, he was battling with his own intense feelings and depression.

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Being Responsible For Recovery: Guest Scott Ransome

Warning: This episode contains strong language and detailed content relating to mental illness.  Scott Ransome has worked in two extremely tough industries where rejection and setbacks are commonplace.   Scott had his first manic episode at the age of 24.  He was subsequently diagnosed as being Manic Depressive (now Bi-Polar) and has lived and worked with that condition ever since.  

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When Love Isn't Enough: Guest Ryan Armitage

Warning: This episode contains strong language and graphic content relating to suicide.  Some listeners may find this upsetting. Ryan Armitage is a successful recruitment business owner who watched the brother he loved and worked alongside suffer and battle drug addiction. He desperately wanted to help him and supported him as much as his brother would allow. Tragically Tom took his own life. His brother was the person who found him.

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The Everyman: Guest Richard Edmondson

Richard Edmondson has worked in Recruitment for over 20 years.  Highly successful when he was in the UK and earning the kind of money that many aspire to yet few attain, he seemingly had everything.  One day he realised it wasn't making him happy.  This is Richard's story but it could be anyone's. He is the man on the street. When your mental health has never been a straight line how do you manage it?

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More Than The Colour of My Skin: Guest Greeshma Suresh

Greeshma Suresh was born in India and came to the UK as a teenager.  Being a 14-year-old girl is tough at the best of times yet Greeshma also had to contend with racial discrimination, body shaming and extensive pressure to perform well academically. In this episode, we explore the rollercoaster of what mental health has and continues to mean to Greeshma.

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Being a Vulnerable Leader: Guest Chris O'Connell

Mental Health in Recruitment Ambassador Chris O’Connell joins Rhonda D’Ambrosio giving a very honest account of what mental health means to him. An award-winning entrepreneur, with a proven track record of building highly successful businesses, Chris talks candidly about how the trauma he experienced in childhood has impacted and influenced him throughout his life.

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The Stealth Approach of Burnout:

Guest Katie Maycock

Mental Health In Recruitment Champion Katie Maycock joins Rhonda to talk about how her time as a Recruiter impacted her mental health and caused not one but two Burnout episodes.  With a degree in nutrition and advanced physiology, Katie pulls no punches when it comes to expressing how stress can impact physical health. 

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