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South Africa support directory: Programs

support directory South Africa

The South African Depression & Anxiety Group

SADAG is Africa’s largest mental health support and advocacy group. On this website you will find comprehensive mental health information and resources to help you, a family member or loved one.


24-hour telephonic service that can assist individuals to address the psychological and social stresses and trauma that they are struggling to deal with.

National Counselling Line: 0861 322 322

Gender Violence Toll-Free Helpline: 0800 150 150

Aids Toll-Free Helpline: 0800 012 322

The Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC)

The Centre employs 48 Social Work Agents, 8 Social Work Supervisors, 4 Quality Assurers and 1 Centre Manager, to operate and offer services to victims of Gender-Based Violence.

Emergency Line number: 0800 428 428

USSD, “please call me” facility: *120*7867# 

Skype Line ‘Helpme GBV’ for members of the deaf community also exists. (Add ‘Helpme GBV’ to your Skype contacts).

An SMS Based Line 31531 for persons with disabilities (SMS ‘help’ to 31531)

She Conquers

She Conquers is a three-year national campaign that aims to improve the lives of adolescent girls and young women in South Africa.

At She Conquers we are uniting to work towards providing every adolescent girl and young woman in the country with access to the resources that they need to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

We believe that every girl should have the power to decide their future. This means being educated, healthy, and safe from violence. When girls gain knowledge, they get the chance to become independent. And this gives them more ways to transform their communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Societies succeed when their women and girls succeed. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, let’s work together and empower girls to take charge of destiny to become the women they want to be.

SA Federation for Mental Health

SAFMH is a mental health-focused, human rights organisation, with a 100-year track record of service delivery to South Africans from all walks of life. We pride ourselves on our rich history and the vast pool of experience and expertise from which we have and continue to draw our inspiration and knowledge from.

South Africa support directory: Programs
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