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Committed to supporting wellbeing and mental health of your employees but not sure what support is available for the recruitment industry?  From tech solutions, coaching, mental health first aid training, practical action plans and wellbeing strategy... we've got you covered.

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Professional Development & Wellbeing Tech

Their Kite Recruitment app offers bite-sized microlearning modules providing accessible and targeted tuition. This is a complete program for growth and development combining on the jobs skills and including evidence-backed mental health and wellbeing topics aimed at building resilience.

How To Become a Mental Health Leader in the Workplace

by James Fairview

How to Become a Mental Health Leader Within the Workplace will stimulate and challenge you. It provides information, insights, and opinions that will help you to become a mental health leader within your workplace. The book also sets out a 10-point action plan, aimed at national policy-level, to bring about a seismic change in workplace mental health.

Executive & Corporate Coaching Specialising in Stress & Anxiety

Katie Maycock works with corporate professionals including Ceo’s, Directors, Sales Executives and Entrepreneurs changing their perception on peak performance. Specifically focusing on the impact of stress and anxiety on health, productivity and efficiency.

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Microlearning & Wellbeing Specialists

ebenable passionately believe that their products and services will fundamentally change the way organisations develop, motivate and support their employees.  They produce and distribute tailored learning and wellbeing programmes to improve the skills, knowledge, and mindset of your employees and increase happiness and performance at work.

Company Health & Wellness

Many businesses recognise the importance of health on their success; a happier and healthier team is more productive, more focused and often, more loyal.  Michelle Flynn offers bespoke coaching packages for businesses, including individual coaching sessions and group presentations and workshops.

Normalising Mental Health Conversations In the Workplace

Through their innovative mobile app, provides mental health support to your employees whenever they need it.

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MHFA Approved Mental Health First Aid Training

Nova Associates offers on-line, open and in-house Mental Health First Aid Courses, to enable Mental Health First Aiders, Managers and Leaders have conversations confidently, using strategies to promote positive WELL-BEING in the workplace, reducing mental health concerns.

Practical Real World Mindfulness

Midlands based PAL are on a mission to help as many people as possible live their own personal version of an awesome life. Having fun, feeling happier and being more content in the place you are right now, PAL will give you the tools to ensure you live a life that will continue to bring you joy (even through the sticky patches).

Harnessing Purpose To Deliver Best Performance

Basemindset refocuses you and your business to master 4 components to their maximum effect. The hexagon motif is related to the meaning of 6, with the Hexagon being the strongest shape in the universe. The meaning of 6 wants you to achieve harmony and balance, not just in work, but in family, home, domesticity and parenthood, and that everything will follow once you have a peaceful and stable life.

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Business Consultants & Strategic Advisors

Offering support to business owners and their leadership teams as they navigate their evolutionary journey.  To Augment believe the strength of your business is dependent on the strength of your people. Building mental resilience is vital for successful leaders, high performing teams and thriving businesses.

Mental Health And Wellbeing In The Workplace by Gill Hasson & Donna Butler

This comprehensive book addresses the range of issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing in work environments – providing all involved with informative and practical assistance. The authors examine changing workplace environment for improved wellbeing, shifting employer and employee attitudes on mental health, possible solutions to current and future challenges and more.

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