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Persona: A Mental Health Challenge

If you live your life to impress others and show off your “success”, you end up creating a persona of yourself which in time can set you up for a major mental health challenge. The more you feed this persona the stronger it gets, causing cognitive dissonance between what you want people to think of you, compared to how you actually see yourself. No one is bullet proof, so what are the red flags we need to be aware of that will prompt us to take action before we face a downward spiral in our mental health?

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Mike Whatman

Speaker & Instructor

Mike Whatman is a performance and leadership coach who works with businesses who are looking to scale by creating a high performance culture and developing winning mindsets. Mike has developed his passion and experience as a result of his hybrid background in recruitment and sport working in elite environments within professional rugby, football, rowing and golf. His purpose in life is to empower people to maximise their performance and realise their full potential.


Don’t waste energy on the opinions of those you wouldn’t turn to for advice

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